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 @ 2007 Diocese of

San Roque Parish

Lamao, Limay,Bataan


April 11, 2012


My Dear Patrons/Donors of the Church,



In the spirit of thanksgiving and gratitude, allow me to humbly implore the Lord to deepen my vocation as a priest and as parish priest of San Roque Parish. I know that through your loving support and witnessing, I am confident that the good Lord will be on our side.

The Sacristy project was conceived because of unsafe powerhouse outside. Exposed to the rain and the elements, the circuit breaker grounded a sacristan. Because of the leaks from the wall and two openings, rain water flowed causing harm to the retablos, and affecting wires of the light and sound system of the church. We began last October 1, 2011, my 17th Sacerdotal Anniversary. Through a mini concert Musikahan, together with the Music Ministry, I offered my musical talents, singing and playing the violin, for the unveiling of the project. All financial gifts for me, I happily gave to the Sacristy construction, as a sign of my gratitude to God and the Church. From the P 300,000.00 starting fund for the construction from my predecessor, we raised it up to P 785,000.00 through donations, solicitations, Fiesta Novenas, Block Rosaries, Simbang gabi envelopes, Parol for a Cause, and of course all from God, and your generosity. We paid already the amount of P 700,000.00 for the expenses incurred for labor and materials to the contractor.

My main concern now is, from January to March 2012, we had a moratorium on parish fund raising because of the Diocesean Raffle for Residencia Sacerdotal, Retirement Home for Priests in Balanga City. But our Sacristy project went on, because we were assured of pledges, plus the contractor’s kindness, to handle momentarily the expenses. We can loan from some generous people to pay for the accomplished work. After the Diocesan Raffle, we shall have an intensified fund raising drive for the parish. We maximized construction up to the second floor of the Rectory because the Priest’s Convent is depreciating and has been infected by termites. The total combined project is estimated at P 3.3 Million. Phase 1- Sacristy Adobe Finish is estimated at P 2.5 Million and phase 2 Rectory completion is P 800 thousand.

With this challenge, I am imploring God’s providential help and your kind and generous heart to support and finish the Sacristy and Rectory of San Roque Parish.

I will always pray and thank the Lord, and I believe that you are always with me.

Sincerely in the Lord,


Rev. Fr. Percival V. Medina

Parish Priest



Hibla ng Kasaysayan ng

Pagawain ng Simbahan



Nobyembre 09, 1994- Itinalaga ng Lubhang Kgg. Celso Guevarra ang Sambayanan ng Lamao bilang Quasi-Parish ng San Roque. Ang itinalagang Unang Kura Paroko ay si Reb. Padre Ricardo Consunji. Naipatayo ang kumbento ng pari.


Abril 30, 1999. Itinalagang ikalawang Kura Paroko ng Lubhang Kgg. Honesto Ongtioco si Reb. Padre Ernesto De Leon. Mayo 28, 1999- Ground Breaking at simula ng malakihang pagpapatayo ng Simbahan ng Parokya ng San Roque.


Taong 2002- Itinalagang ikatlong Kura Paroko ng Lubhang Kgg. Honesto Ongtioco si Reb. Padre Joshua ”Donnie” Enero. Sa panahon niya nakabili ng mga gamit para sa Simbahan at unti unti ring nabayaran ang mga utang sa Churh Construction.

Taong 2007- Itinalagang ika-apat na Kura Paroko ng Lubhang Kgg. Socrates Villegas si Reb. Padre Markjill Manalili. Naipaayos niya ang altar ng simbahan. At sa panahon din niya naipagawa ang konkretong bakod at gate na bakal ng simbahan.


Taong 2009 Itinalagang ikalimang Kura Paroko ng Lubhang Kgg. Socrates Villegas si Fr. Alwin Bobis. Naipaayos niya ang flooring ng simbahan at napapinturahan ang dingding nito. Gayon din ang kisame sa bahagi ng Altar. Naipatayo din ang Public Comfort Room at Parish Hall “Kubo”.


Hunyo 16, 2011- Itinalagang ikaanim na Kura Paroko ng Lubhang Kgg. Ruperto Santos si Reb. Padre Percival Medina. Layunin ng Pagawain na maipatayo ang Sacristy at Rectory sa gawing likuran ng Simbahan.

Iba pang pagawain ay maipatapos ang kisame ng Simbahan at mapaganda ang Sound System. Makapagpatayo rin sana ng Konkretong Parish Multipurpose Hall and Office,sa gawing likuran. At ang pinakamimithi, sa tulong at awa ng Diyos ay maging Pilgrim Church/Shrine for the Sick ang Parokya ng San Roque ng Lamao sa darating na Agosto 16, 2012.

We pray and help one another in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit!San Roque, pray for us!


The Parish Church Office is open for Donations from your generous heart.

For Donors Check /Payee: The Roman Catholic Bishop of Balanga, Inc.


For Bank Donations:

Bank of the Philippine Islands

Limay. Bataan, Philippines

Account Number: 8743-0525-96

Account Name: The Roman Catholic Bishop of Balanga, Inc.


Please send fax to +6347-237-3226 indicating Donation to San Roque Parish, Lamao, Limay or email:

Facebook: Percival Medina

Counseling on line: YM

Architect's Rendering of the Proposed